Sunday, November 01, 2009


Not much to say... Janell & Randy brought the kids over and they all went out trick or treating.

Waiting for it to get dark...

Jillian and Lucas

Alaina--Abby Cadabby

Alaina, Lanny the Lion and Janell

Taking the kids to the first house!

Lanny doesn't know what to think...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wildlife Zoo

So we have a small mommy's group, that consists mostly of people from work...We all decided since we had discount (buy one get one free) tickets, we'd all venture out to the Wildlife World Zoo.

Some of our group...

Janell & I

Mark, Lisa, Me & Jillian, and Torres

Showing Alaina the duckys

Lucas and Daddy on the merry go round

Alaina, Randy & Jillian

Daddy & Jillian on the Skyride

My Jilly-poo

Feeding the Giraffes

Train ride!

Lisa and Jillian

Got BOTH kids to go on the log ride

Jillian didn't like it much...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LOVE San Diego

For our anniversary, Shaun and I decided on a weekend in San Diego. It was relaxing and fun! We went to the Maritime Museum, and toured all the boats.. even got to see one of them being brought back from repaired with a big ceremony and everything. We played on the beach, ate at Joe's Crab Shack (SOOOO good!) and took a midnight stoll on the beach collecting sandollars and shells for the kids. It was nice to relax and sleep in for a couple days!

My big Ice cream cone!
Hanging out on the beach

Shaun enjoying the view.

walking down into the submarine
One of the subs....yes we went in that!
Shaun looking outside from inside.

Getting ready to go to dinner.

Monday, August 17, 2009

1st day of FIRST Grade!!

Well Jillian is officially a FIRST grader!! Her teacher is nice as can be and Jillian loves her!

Here's a few pics of her first day..

First we'll start with Meet the Teacher night.
Here's her class list outside her classroom. She went from "Joralmon's Jaguars" to a "Fantastic Frog".

And since the school was still under construction, the classrooms were closed, but here's Jillian Lucas and Shaun all checking out inside Jillian's classroom.
The first day has arrived!!

Superstar glasses

showing her sassy side

and being sassy again...Really I just told her to smile.. she struck a pose..

Me and my 1st grader!

Jillian and Lucas... Ready to go

He's really excited to take sissy to school

Her abnormally large backpack

In line with her friends Jessica and Leah

Lucas REALLY REALLY wanted to stay :o(

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

First Saturday Home Depot Trip

On the first Saturday of every month, Home Depot does a kids workshop. The kids get aprons (to keep and bring back), and then get their project. When they're done with their project they get an acheivment pin to put on their apron. Jillian has 3 (one from when HD came to her school to do a project) and Lucas has 2. They love to put on their aprons and the love putting the pin on it when they're done. Jillian (with a littel guidance) does the project mostly on her own, and Lucas just loves to hammer...everything.. even if it doesn't need it.. he wants to hammer..

Here's our last trip.. Message Boards. Next month bean bag toss game!
Here is daddy giving jillian some lessons


Hammering in the hanger...

One more hook to screw in....


The completed projects!